What Can You Do If the Heart Resists?

962.3Comment: A friend writes: “I have been with you for two years, and I can no longer listen or hear about the correction of the heart. I don’t understand what it is.” In general, many people write asking for specifics. That is, they understand the specific programs of politicians; they understand economists who create certain precise economic programs that work, but they do not understand what “correcting the heart” means or that it is most important.

You talk about it all the time. Yet, it still does not penetrate the heart and they still want some material specifics.

My Response: It cannot penetrate the heart because of its opponent: the heart itself! You need to act against the heart in such a way as to attract some outer cosmic forces that would change our hearts, turning them toward each other.

Question: So only the heart that is closed can hear about the correction of the heart, but it does not want this correction. How can you make even a little opening in this heart to enter it? How is this done?

Answer: I think after all, the solution lies in our dissemination, in our explanation, and in the implementation of our methodology.

Question: Even if it is not accepted and if the heart doesn’t want to absorb it?

Answer: It doesn’t matter. We have to come to this.

Question: First of all, should the heart or the mind accept it? Should we explain this to people logically? Using regular, human, earthly logic?

Answer: We can explain this through logic, but we are faced with people who say, “You are such dreamers.” Well, they’re right. But what else can we do?

Comment: So, it’s not easy to ignite them. Although it is written that everyone, one way or another, will come to the correction of the heart.

My Response: We have to wait for the right moment; for the critical moment when people realize that they are simply moving toward self-destruction.

Question: What kind of thought and strength do you put into your constant words about correction of the heart?

Answer: It is an upper force, above the nature of this world, which can act through the egoistic nature of our world and make our hearts altruistic.

Question: When you say the “heart,” what are you thinking about at this moment?

Answer: The inner desire of a person is the heart. Today it is directed only at itself. While the corrected heart is directed toward connection with others. That’s all, irrespective of any other conditions.

Question: Is it only the upper force, the upper energy, that can turn us toward each other and not ourselves through our programs and cooperation?

Answer: We can only bring humanity a little closer to this by preparing manuals and other things.

Question: That is in regard to us. But humanity also talks about unification all the time. There are organizations that are supposed to unite. They also somehow implicitly understand this to be good.

Answer: Ok, let them do it, but it won’t lead to anything. There must be an appeal from a person out of this critical state to the upper force: “Come and do it!”
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 6/23/22

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