It Is Time to Get Out of the Rotten Apple

235Question: Our time is filled with disinformation and lies. It is said that disinformation arises in conditions of political disillusionment, economic crisis, or social turmoil. Today all these factors are evident. In addition there is the Internet where lies can be manipulated. There are companies that can promote it and shape public opinion.

There is a feeling that we live inside misinformation and lies only. Is this feeling correct?

Answer: Yes. But it is controlled by the Creator.

Question: Not by these scribblers?

Answer: The Creator controls the hands and minds of people. He placed us inside a complete disinformation and called it “this world.” Therefore, do not take people seriously.

Let all these scribblers write. Humanity must exist somehow. Therefore the Creator invented all sorts of positions.

Question: Should we at least try to distinguish disinformation and lies from veracity, from truth? Do we need to search for them at all?

Answer: They do not exist, neither one nor the other.

Question: Then the question is: Why did He do it?

Answer: In order for us to get tired of this state so much that we would just want to get out of it by all possible means. This is all.

Question: A parable of Baal HaSulam speaks about a worm inside a worm-eaten apple that thinks: “This is my world.”

Suddenly he gets out and says: “It turns out there is another world!” Is this us who are inside this apple? How can we get out? How can we see the real world?

Answer: It is impossible for a simple person (“simple” meaning ordinary). It is impossible, only out of billions of people.

However there are individual souls who have already matured out of billions of souls, and they are able to hear the call, and like this worm to move toward the exit from the worm-eaten apple.

Question: When he moves to the exit of the worm-eaten apple, does he pave the way for other worms?

Answer: This is none of his business. He does not even know that he is going, how he is going, or where he is going.

Question: Is it unknown where I am going and how I am going?

Answer: Why do you need to know that? What for?

Comment: Toward the light. As they usually say.

My Response: Toward what light?! You would not go toward the light.

Comment: I am used to existing inside this apple.

My Response: In a place where it is dark and dry, this is where you need to be. The rotting apple is sweet.

Question: Does it mean that the desire to get out is given to a person from above? Is he not doing it all by himself? Not through his own efforts?

Answer: No. How could a person do this? Even later when he already understands how he is being controlled, he sees that absolutely none of it is performed by him.

Question: Everything we are doing inside the worm-eaten apple—all our actions, all our economic programs, our wars, the construction of all sorts of new worlds and formations throughout all these centuries and all these years—is this all inside a rotten apple?

Answer: This is in order to accumulate within us a sufficient rotting layer so that later we can still eat it when we leave the “apple.” In short, we will get out and see.

This is when we find out that while being in this “wormy apple,” we surely cannot be guided by other principles, but only by the nature that is within us. That is, we are guided by little egoism, small pleasures, and we continue to grow in this until we create this compost around us.

Question: So I create it all and then does it not even depend on me that I reached out at least a little to get out, that I have already eaten enough of it all and would like to get out of there? After all, there is another world besides this apple.

Answer: The Creator does it if He wishes. He will direct you a little.

Question: Is there some kind of request coming from me to the Creator to direct me? Does He respond to this request when it really matures?

Answer: If this is a true request in a group with other “worms,” then yes.

Question: Is the most important thing to really come to this? Is that why He keeps us in this can?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Why is there so much misinformation about the Creator?

Answer: There are two things: first because He controls everything and everyone. and second because we do not know anything about who He is, what He is, and what He does. Therefore you can do whatever you want indefinitely. And everyone from the point of view of their level of information, from their point in the heart, will be saying anything they want to you.

Question: So I, as an ordinary person, will be choosing. According to what do I choose this or that path to the Creator?

Answer: According to what is more pleasant for your egoism. So that “the worm” would profit.

This helps us go through all the states relatively quickly and to begin to distinguish the state in which there is something new, fresh, and completely unexpected for us, the state that we can select from among all other states to make a new level of existence out of, to approach the exit from this rot.

Question: Does it mean that there still is some hope?

Answer: Not hope, but an absolutely accurate future. If I adhere to this, then here it is already in front of us.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 6/30/22

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