Interest in a Critical Approach

530Comment: There are people who perceive your words as the truth, and there is a category of people who think: “He said it so many times and where is it?”

My Response: The fact is that everyone should agree with the truth. Not consent a priori like with some guru. For example, the Dalai Lama says something, and it is not discussed at all, no other thoughts are considered—nothing. That is, it is the truth. When he is present at any international meetings and says something, everyone is silent. Everything is the first instance, i.e., manifestation of God on earth. No one argues with him.

Therefore, he is invited to very few places, and he goes to very few places. He is just a respected person, like an idol.

But not me. I want to be checked, studied, and analyzed for each of my proposals, and everything to be approached critically: “Why did he say that? Why not the other way around? Is that correct or not?” It is all so that a person, by chewing over my every sentence, would change himself in accordance with it or against it.

I am interested in a critical approach. This is the most important thing for students. That is why I do not suppress them, I explain it again, I repeat it again, and I love it very much when they pester me. Let’s say he wants to push me down on my shoulder blades—please, “put the squeeze on me.” It helps me to express myself better. This is necessary.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Criticism of Kabbalah” 2/20/13

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