Kabbalah Is the Elixir of Life

962.2The world is facing a great struggle of man, people, nations, countries, and civilizations working against each other, which will be until they submit to a rational Kabbalistic method that does not require some kind of admiration for us Kabbalists and our elevation above them; nothing like that! Come and be the most important person; who is stopping you?!

Still, it is so hard to accept because it is directed against egoism. It will be a very tough fight.

But little by little, we need to spread this knowledge in the world as widely as possible and work as deeply as possible.

Gradually, it will saturate all egoistic dryness with its juices and from the Reshimot, from these seeds that are in everyone, sprouts will begin to appear.

I think that very soon we will reveal a common force that will shine on us in the connection between us and then it will not just be easier for people. No. New difficulties will appear, but for them it will be like a stage they have already passed, a well of water of life they have found— an elixir of life.

Within the group there is a spring from which everyone can drink cool, clean water. Then your eyes open, all the pores open, and you begin to see and feel everything. And all this happens in connection with everyone else.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Forecast for Next Year” 2/20/13

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