Wishing a Long Life

293.1In recent years, new technologies in medicine have been developed that make it possible to extend human life to limits that previously seemed to be fantasy. But is there any point in extending life to 200 years?

A thousand years ago, people lived for 20 years and this was considered normal; today life expectancy is already approaching 100 years and this is considered normal. The question is how to fill this life so that it will not be filled only with trips to the doctor.

First of all we need to find out what benefits this brings to humanity so as not just to prolong human life. After all, we see increasing the number of years a person lives does not change one’s views on life. Over several centuries, life expectancy has increased many times, but nothing, in fact, has changed. Egoism does not change. The question is, what to live for—for the benefit of humanity or for yourself? What does a person live for, and is it worth prolonging such a life?

If we needed the long life provided by modern artificial organ transplant technologies, then nature would have given it to us.

For how many years is it worth living? For as many as a person can really benefit himself and others. If the meaning of a person’s life is to achieve the purpose of his existence, to reveal the upper force, and thereby rise to the highest level of human function, then it is really worth the effort to prolong life. But without an upper purpose, why prolong life if half the time a person will suffer from medications and operations and never leave the doctor’s office?

First of all, let’s try to use the allotted years of our lives correctly, in order to find out what we live for, and if we succeed, we need to tell others about it. There is no greater achievement in life than to find the reason for life, its purpose, and to help others reach the same.

The purpose of life is to understand the formula of life, and in accord with it, become perfect in our actions and justify and fully agree with the force of creation, the Creator, and humanity. After all, this means that you do not curse the Creator and are in solidarity with His creation. You understand creation, what happens in it, your life within it, how it embraces you, and how it acts.

Agreement with creation reveals all our sensations, and we begin to feel it directly, as if we were skinned. To attain the essence of creation, to attain the Creator, and to attain the root of creation and its purpose means to experience the entire creation directly, as if you exist inside this one force with naked perception.

We achieve all this through love for the created beings, because when we come to the feeling of the Creator, we feel that we are connected with all created beings.
From KabTV’s “Conversation with Journalists” 8/9/22

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