If You Don’t Have a Heart

962.1In the News (The UN Refugee Agency):

“The [Refugee Data Finder] database contains information about forcibly displaced populations spanning more than 70 years of statistical activities. …

“An estimated 36.5 million (41%) of the 89.3 million forcibly displaced people are children below 18 years of age. …

“More than two thirds of all refugees … displaced abroad come from just five countries.

Syrian Arab Republic
South Sudan

Question: We read this data, and it no longer shocks us. 36 million?—36 million. Children?—Children. These are children who have no childhood, it was taken away, these are children who did not know what warmth is, and maybe they will not know. What is embedded in them is fear, aggression? What can this result in?

Answer: They believe that such is the world, that this is life. They will continue to live with this feeling.

Question: What will they turn out to be?

Answer: It depends on who will feed them. If there will be anyone.

Question: Kabbalists say that suffering softens the heart right?

Answer: This is if a person does not see suffering in others, but suffers himself, then these sufferings soften his heart.

But for this, he must already be at a certain level. We  always forget what level of inner development in a person we are talking about. If he is a beast, then he does not understand anything; if a little higher, it can turn into opposite qualities and he will begin to rob and kill. If even higher, then… it all depends on the level of development of the sufferer.

Question: So when you say, that suffering softens the heart, are you talking about the level when there is already a heart?

Answer: Yes, of course. Then these sufferings lead to correction, to the fact that this person begins to treat suffering differently. He looks for its source and finds it. As it is, suffering simply causes an instinctive movement in a person to find and destroy the source of suffering and nothing more.

Question: The corrected heart is when you find the source of suffering, right? Then what?

Answer: You discover it in yourself, that you are suffering from yourself.

Comment: This is a high bar.

My Response: No, it will be fast.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 6/20/22

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