Our Children Will Not Fight Wars

294.2Question: What is being recorded in the genetic code, in the future life, and in the character of children born at this time under the sign of war, under this shock?

Answer: A very clear understanding that war is actually absolutely alien to the world is being recorded in them. It does not bring anything useful to human society for sure. And the damage it causes cannot be justified in any way.

Children who understand that there is no place for war will be born! Who benefits from it? It does not give anything to anyone.

Question: Will it come from the shock that the mother who gave birth to the child experienced?

Answer: How will it be absorbed in the small children who have lived through all of it? They will live through this genetically, in connection with their parents who will experience the horrors of war and will be convinced that all of this is absolutely useless and causes pain for several generations.

Question: And children who are born now not under bombing, are they also under stress anywhere and everywhere?

Answer: Humanity is one single organism.

Question: So, does this apply to the entire generation that is being born? Even if life is just beginning within the mother, does this penetrate even into it?

Answer: Of course! All of it in a spiritual form! It is all floating in one information cloud.

This stress is universal and all-encompassing. The next generation, therefore, will not fight wars. It will not understand what we need them for. It will simply be confident that it is absolute harmful to everyone. And what is interesting is that there will be no need to convince him of this.

He will see that in interactions, trade, and the mutually complementation of each other in science, technology, commerce, economy, and so on, there is a direct benefit for humanity and not in nothing else.

Question: Is it the Creator who changes generations with such a sharp shock?

Answer: Yes, this is how it is changed, of course. Once we thought that this is possible with the help of a very long educational process. No, it gives no results. Look at the world. Who needs to fight with whom?

Question: What would you wish for the next generation?

Answer: To recognize what state they are in, what is important for the world, what develops the world, and where history pushes it. So much so that neither with the development of any weapons nor by anything else can you change anything. You are hurting yourself with this. People will understand this now from this entire campaign.

Question: Are you optimistic about the future generation?

Answer: I am generally an optimist if I believe in a bright future for humanity. Enlightenment is about to come to people.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 3/10/22

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