How To Stop A War?

962.3Kabbalist does not ask the Creator to correct even the most terrible situation, he only asks for the strength to justify it.

We do not need to correct anything besides our attitude toward the world, and then we will see the world corrected. Let us say you want to stop a war, then you need to understand that you can stop it only if it gets stopped inside you.

Question: So, I do not ask for this war to end in the outside world. Do I ask for it to be stopped in my inner world?

Answer: Yes, this is exactly what the correction will be. If all people begin to think so, it will already be good.

Comment: But this is unnatural. A person wants the war to end first.

My Response: So, do this with yourself. This is the shortest way.

Question: Does It happen that on the material level there is still fear for the corporeal body, for the family?

Answer: Yes, you must still act on the material level, but at the same time understand that the most important thing is the action on the emotional, spiritual, and upper level. There you can balance all your qualities.

Question: When there is a war which side is the Kabbalist on?

Answer: He wishes to end the war by uniting opposing forces in the middle line.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 3/1/22

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