How Can You Develop a Spiritual Gene?

528.01Question: How can you develop a spiritual gene? All recorded states exist in potential. How can I activate and accelerate them?

Answer: This is what we are doing within the framework of our Kabbalah education centers (KabU).

In principle, all this is done using simple techniques. It is necessary to study the system of the universe a little. It is not difficult, but the terminology may seem complicated at first. Then you need to become included in a society that will attract a special energy that develops a person.

The technique is to evoke the influence of a positive force on the Reshimotrecords of spiritual information. Then this force will awaken them, and you will soon start to feel it.

Question: Is there any connection between my internal information records (Reshimot) and the records of other people?

Answer: Everyone has their own, but of course there is a connection and mutual influence on each other. Their records affect you and yours affect them.

There also are information records of all of humanity. That is, there are personal states of each of us and states of the entire creation.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 7/12/22

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