Advancing As We Have Been

942Comment: When you enter a state of unity at congresses or gatherings of friends, you feel that you are constantly analyzing how immersed you are in this process.

My Response: This is not euphoria but very serious states that you will begin experiencing as your real life, while everything less important will be “hanging” somewhere below and becoming quite insignificant.

The state of unity will determine all future parts of our life: our relations, science, culture, upbringing, education, family relations, absolutely everything. We will exist at this level.

Comment: Nevertheless, one is afraid he might reject this state. Knowing his nature to quickly run away and wait it out, he is constantly undergoing scrutiny not to let his desire to escape appear.

My Response: Yes, this is good. Here you always have the opportunity to enter this state and control it at all times because you are under the influence of a lot of people who help you.

On the one hand, they don’t enslave you, you are always free to leave because you have a very mature and constant inner scrutiny. On the other hand, you can always enter into this state of mutual bestowal, a feeling of mutual support, and later, into a state of love, which we will achieve. Meaning, you are free!

This constant feeling of freedom—being on the verge of entry-exit, start-stop movement, when every time you can leave, come back and discover some new sensations, leave again and come back—it gives us the opportunity to constantly renew our impressions.

Question: Did you and your teacher experience such states?

Answer: Yes, but I had a different relationship with him, as a student and a teacher, when by annulling myself, I allowed him to take me by “the scruff of the neck” like a kitten, and include myself in his big Kli, in his feelings.

I have been guiding you toward this state for several years. You learned this gradually, in mutual communication with each other, and would succeed in it equally.

We have to keep advancing as we have been.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. The State of Perfection” 1/26/13

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