Internal Restructuring

294.1Question: How can you give up this world, meaning, use it not for one’s own sake?

Answer: And what is there in it that you don’t want to give up? What’s holding you here?

Comment: Actually, nothing holds, but there is some kind of fear.

My Response: It is because you don’t know what you are changing it for! But you are not shown the next world for you not to change “the cow for a bull,” because then you would egoistically want to move to the next world. So how can it be shown to you?! There is no entrance there egoistically!

Surely, you will be fixated on it all the time, “I want to go there because it’s good there!”

In order to push you away from such an attitude to the upper world, you are given all sorts of opposite, negative states. You are pushed away, given fatigue, and detachment.

A person who perseveres anyway eventually achieves an emergence of a new feeling toward the upper world in him that is not egoistic: “I want it because it is qualitatively different! I start to feel it.” As, for example, in our world, a person prefers to be a poor musician rather than a rich merchant. He has a dream and it is dear to him.

When such a re-evaluation of values occurs in a person, he begins to approach the upper world. And our whole methodology—group, study, dissemination—is built just for this, to help a person in internal restructuring. Thus, he approaches the replacement of the values of our world with the values of the upper world.

And all of a sudden it turns out that in order to annul himself, he is ready to make an enormous effort. How is it done in our world?! Everyone wants to stomp on everyone like a cigarette butt and grind! And here it is the opposite. How does it happen? Under the influence of the upper light.

This will manifest itself more and more clearly, and people in our world will feel that this is a possible physical, literally physical, internal psychological restructuring. It can be done very quickly on yourself; you change your values and preconceived notions and enter into a completely new matrix.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. New Matrix” 2/2/13

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