The Flow of Higher Information

504Question: You always emphasize that you can pass some information about spirituality to another person in the form of a book. Let us say he looked at, read, and closed the book and that is it. Does it make sense to pass this information? Or is there nonetheless some inclusion happening in him?

Answer: If he came into contact with me, if he got to the point that he received some information or bought a book, then even if it will be sitting on his shelf, even if he sometimes will remember something, this is already a lot. He is already tied into a global network! He is already developing subconsciously. Somewhere something is happening in him. He is closer to correction than the rest.

If a person just heard it at least once, it is already useful because he became connected to the general system.

We are all connected to each other by one web of forces, and this tube by which he is connected to all the others, as if, opens up and the higher information flows through it, a person subconsciously catches it and gradually changes. He is already getting an infusion.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Get Hooked on a Spiritual Needle” 11/3/09

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