The Spiritual Essence of Man

742.01Comment: A Russian scientist purportedly discovered a phenomenon in nature known as DNA phantom. The conclusions after a series of experiments on the apparatus of heredity, meaning the DNA, shocked even the biochemists themselves.

The scientist suggests that after death, genes are not completely destroyed, but instead leave a sort of phantom that carries some information. This phantom, a clot of information ejected from cells, exists for about 40 days. After that it disappears, but not completely. The information embedded in the human genetic apparatus never departs without a trace.

My Response: Nothing disappears in nature. It’s just that when we look at a person in his biological egoistic form, we see some kind of image. Then this image dies because in this biological form the egoistic desire, which is the essence of a person, is exhausted. There is no more strength left in him to fill himself.

Desire, so to say, renounces everything, gets tired, no longer wants to work in this form, and feels itself existing senselessly, and therefore a person dies. This whole image ends its existence.

But this is only in our egoistic perception because we look at a person as a certain egoistic object. We only see him like this, but in fact he is eternal, perfect, and exists beyond any limitations.

Meaning, we are talking about the need to change the observer and then we would not see people who are dying or even people themselves. Instead of a person, we would see his inner spiritual essence, it exists.

For now, from this inner spiritual essence, the soul of a person, we perceive only the external egoistic shell, which we ourselves build. Our egoistic filter, through which we look at everything including ourselves, distorts and inverts the whole picture of the world.

Nothing disappears in nature. It’s just that all kinds of changes in external forms occur in our perception. I look at something and it seems to me that everything around me is changing. But really there is nothing around me at all and nothing changes.

The whole picture of perception is in me. It changes in me because my egoism is constantly transforming, developing, and going through all sorts of stages of development; thus it seems to me that the world is developing. So when I look at all the objects, I see them in motion. In fact, there is no movement and I am simply moving within myself.

Comment: But scientists still feel a kind of wave frame from thinner particles.

My Response: They feel an external egoistic form. But in fact, inside it is already the spiritual essence of a person.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Human Genome” 7/17/11

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