Write an Appeal to the Creator

627.2A letter from a viewer: “Some time ago, I was given the opportunity to feel an amazing sense of wholeness and peace with everything that exists. I included within myself everything in the world and beyond the world. I am a healthy person, have never taken anything, and work as a medical psychologist in a clinic where every day I help people with various severe psychological conditions. That is why I know what Kabbalah is talking about, about the power that leads us from above. But I cannot agree with the methods of the upper force: rude, ruthless, inhumane. What to do, how to live? It hurts terribly.”

Answer: Write a complaint to it: “That’s it! I cannot do anything.” Shout, complain.

Question: Are you in favor of direct, permanent communication?

Answer: When a person starts writing, he will realize that he has nothing to write about, that he simply does not understand the governance from above. No matter how ruthless and strict it may be, illogical and so on, he will simply understand not that there is no one to write to, but that there is nothing to write about. That, obviously, everything is already imprinted in him from the very beginning.

Question: Does this feeling of ruthlessness and so on, exist in the person himself and there is no such thing around him, so to say?

Answer: Of course not.

Question: So, what you are saying is: “You need to write.” The conclusion is: Do I need to write, demand? What will happen? What should I write on this piece of paper or in this note?

Answer: Write letters to the Creator. You write precisely like this: the first letter, the second. Just do not destroy them. The first letter, the second, the third, and so on. Then see what happens. You can publish a book.

Question: Are you suggesting physically to write it? Just take a pen and write?

Answer: Physically. It is good. It is better not on a computer, but with a pen. Then you will see who is leading your hand.

Question: Just to pour out all the tears all on a piece of paper?

Answer: Everything. Let everything be there.

Question: Does a person get answers at all?

Answer: He will get an answer then. He will write with tears and blood and will receive an answer.

Question: What should one ask for when he writes? What should one ask from the upper force, from the Creator?

Answer: To be in agreement with Him, nothing else: “Give me the strength to be in agreement with You because otherwise, I curse You.” After that, wherever it will go, wherever the hand will lead.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 3/31/22

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