What Should the Prayer Be Like?

624.07Question: Nadezhda writes: “Today I have a great desire to address the women of the whole world about peace and love. I am sure that only women can save the world. Do you think if I write a letter to all the women of the world and send it out, it will change something in the world? Or is it all my illusion and everything is already predetermined?

Answer: It is desirable to do this by all means. Write from a pure heart such an appeal, not just an appeal, but a proclamation that would really glue them to your appeal, and all this common force would go around the Earth.

Question: So I shouldn’t think, but write as I feel?

Answer: No, you need to think about it. Because people will not read it in the state that you, the writer, experience it. Therefore, you have to think. Think about how the person will perceive it. But still in the end he should be imbued with what you want to convey to him.

Question: So if a person wants to write about love and peace, then it breaks into peoples’ hearts?

Answer: Yes, write, definitely.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 3/10/22

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