Prophetic Dreams and Attainment of the Creator

198Question: Are prophetic dreams a certain kind of attainment?

Answer: Prophetic dreams, which many people like to talk about, have nothing to do with Kabbalah. A person cannot fall asleep, wake up, and remember his dream, as it is said about the Pharaoh and other characters in the sagas of ancient Egypt.

In fact, none of this exists! There are other states that we can call that, but not what happened to Pharaoh or anyone else.

A person who is in contact with the Creator has a certain attainment of the Creator, which can be called a dream. But this is not a dream.

For example, in the Psalms of David it is written: “We were like them that dream” (Psalms 126:1). The point is that when we return to the full attainment of the Creator, we will realize that all our past attainments were like in a dream. It was not a full degree, but only six degrees out of ten.

Question: It may seem that way to us, but we are not in fact talking about our world?

Answer: No! What does our world have to do with it? It is generally considered imaginary by us.

Comment: It is interesting that all this is written about the spiritual, but nothing is said about our world. We live here and we want to know what’s going on here.

My Response: Nothing is happening here. If we want something to happen, we must become similar to the Creator. As we become like Him, we will begin to feel where we are and how this world is moving.

Question: But we exist in this world, in this body. I would like to know how much a person should sleep at all, even a Kabbalist since he also lives in a physiological body?

Answer: The minimum amount of sleep time should be equal to the horse’s sleep – 60 breaths. This is how a horse usually sleeps, then wakes up and sleeps again, and wakes up again. This is minimal sleep. In general, sleep should last six hours; not even in a row, but in general, during a day.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 6/28/22

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