Our Nearest Future

939.01Question: Do I connect with my friends at this convention physically the way we did at the convention in Arava?

Answer: Today we have much more opportunity than before to connect spiritually. Previously, many people came to us who did not know at all where they were going. Among them were those who were not in continuous contact with us.

Now we are in a state where we feel more, know more, see each other, are constantly in connection with each other, and we are strengthening it.

The world too, as we see, is constantly changing. We must understand that all these changes in the world are for the better. All this is only in order to bring us closer to the final correction so that we would shed our egoistic skin and unite with each other with naked hearts.

I hope this is our nearest future.
From the “Arava” Convention in Europe – Lithuania 2022, Lesson 1, 7/22/22

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