Internal Code of the Global System

275Comment: Some scientists claim that DNA by itself emits sounds and it depends on its origin. For example, the DNA of a grasshopper or a tree or a person will emit completely different sounds, words, and phrases. In other words, the common intellect of nature, which once laid down the primary information in the form of words, is recorded on them. An organism reads this information and, in accordance with it, as in a genetic program, develops. They say that experiments with DNA confirm that this common program is impossible to destroy. If everything goes according to it, then there are no errors. If errors happen, mutations occur.

My Response: There are no errors and there are no mutations. It only appears so to us. Because our egoism transforms and we perceive everything in that way. There is nothing imperfect in nature.

Question: Who actually turned on this development, this program?

Answer: A thought, one single thought that represents the whole of nature. There is nothing in nature, but a thought. And everything that appears to us—inanimate, vegetative, animate objects, a person—is all a thought that we, who are also a thought, perceive this way.

A thought is waves, it is information.

Question: If all nature is a thought, then why do formative processes occur? Why do muscles grow from one group of cells, skin from another, stomach from a third one, etc.?

Answer: These are different types of information that manifest that way in relation to us. In fact by the concepts of “words,” “letters,” it is meant not our words and not our letters, but the internal code that defines each particle and its interaction with all particles.

Moreover, information about the entire system is recorded in each part. Furthermore, it is interconnected with all other parts. Thus, its internal code is not supported by itself, it is supported by the rest of the whole system.

The code of the global system cannot be destroyed because it is located in each of the parts. And it’s not like each of them grabs and saves its own code. The whole enormous system focuses it on them, and therefore each part exists in an eternal, perfect state, as if replacing with itself the whole system. In that way, we see a holographic picture.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Human Genome” 7/17/11

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