In the World of Information

712.03Comment: I heard a story about an accident in a research lab that occurred in Germany in the 60s. The story goes that an employee accidentally dropped a tightly sealed flask of a toxin into a container with water and it wasn’t removed from the water until some days later. It was discovered that although the flask of poison was tightly sealed and its contents could not have mixed with water, laboratory mice that were given this water died. The water did not physically come into contact with the poison, but it nonetheless absorbed its destructive information.

My Response: The fact is, we feel the material itself: water, poison, still, vegetative, and animate nature.

Our whole world is a world of vectors, a world of forces. And we no longer feel them in the form of forces, but represent them in the form of matter in all its various forms. Therefore, if we break away from matter and turn to the world of information, to the field of forces, then we can see that almost everything around us and ourselves are a force field that carries and communicates with each other precisely with informational data.

In this case, it does not matter much how and where it happens: through some walls, restrictions, border conditions, what is the diffusion or the influence of the vector on the vector. All the same, informational data influences even at a great distance or while enclosed in a container like a glass bulb.

Therefore, even if it seems to us in our materialized world that bodies do not connect together, naturally they influence each other. Especially in delicate forces and in small doses.

Question: What kind of power is water?

Answer: Water is the general reviving force of our nature because we are created on the basis of water. In principle, we could have been created on other terms. But the quality of water is the quality of bestowal, the quality of transfer, the quality of revival, the kind attitude of one object to another. If water connects them, then positive information is transferred.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. The Secret of Life” 7/13/11

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