What Should the World Be Like?

278.02Question: If today problems are not a single country’s alone but global problems of the whole world, what should the world be like? What should its government be like?

Answer: The world must realize its egoistic nature and that it can no longer remain in it. Recently, our development shows that humanity has outlived itself. The former paradigm of relating to oneself, the world, life, or the goal is over.

There is a completely new paradigm, and people demand it from within themselves. Depression, suicide, drug abuse, detachment, indifference to life—all suggest that we have reached a different state. We have to find what to live for.

Here the science of Kabbalah is revealed, whose origins come from ancient Babylon when we were one small humanity. It was then that it was revealed for the first time and we were warned: “Five thousand years later, you will still come to the same state and feel the need for Me.”

Kabbalistic methodology can raise a person to another level of existence, pull him out of egoism in which he feels limitations, temporality, lowliness of the world, life and death. We can ascend to another level—an eternal and perfect life.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Europe Today” 1/26/11

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