Why A Kabbalist Is Not Afraid Of Death

79.01Question: You say that a Kabbalist exists above the level of death, while an ordinary person exists below this level. What does it mean?

Answer: A Kabbalist is not afraid of death and an ordinary person constantly lives in this fear, tries to forget himself, and flirts with himself through various actions just not to think that his life is drawing to a close. Fear, an incomprehensible feature of disappearance, termination of life, “Why then do I exist, why do I do all this?”

And although these questions are very relevant for us, they remain unresolved, out of our lives. We simply remove them from ourselves, engage in secondary and tertiary activities, and leave the most important thing aside as if it does not exist.

But if we set these questions as most important for us, then everything else simply would not make sense until we solve them. “Why do I give birth to children? Why do I exist? I chase after all sorts of petty fillings in life, for what?!”

And the Kabbalist reveals all this and therefore exists in absolutely clear, real movement. For him, everything is in its place. He does not engage in half hints, does not hide from birth and death, the cessation of this life.

He understands the importance of each of his states. He behaves rationally in this life because he treats every phenomenon in its present perspective, in its present dimension, in its present importance—in accordance with life, movement, death, reincarnation, the achievement of some final goal, which, perhaps, will be in a few lifetimes. He sees this whole perspective.

And so for him this little life is also part of many. He understands where his every movement, his every action is. That is, he does not act in our world like an ordinary man that he lived today and tomorrow—”What will be, will be, what can I do?”—without understanding the next moment, not imagining whether it will happen at all or not.
From KabTV’s “Close up. Beyond the Last Line” 5/3/10

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