How Many Lives Will We Have To Live?

 202Question: In Kabbalah do the words “birth” and “death” differ from our usual concepts? As far as I know, Kabbalists do not celebrate their birthday.

Answer: And not the day of death either. However, there is an example of such a celebration in history. On Lag B’Omer we celebrate the day of departure of Rabbi Shimon from this world, the man who wrote The Book of Zohar.

The fact is that Rabbi Shimon totally completed his work. He worked his life hundred percent, and passed on he source of life to people, the method of correction. As soon as he finished this, he immediately retired from material life. What else could he do in this world? He fulfilled his mission.

In this world, we exist as many times, as many lives, as necessary for us to be realized. And then we do not have to come back. This world is the worst state of all that exist in nature.

Comment: But we think it is something wonderful and beautiful.

My Response: We have nothing else. We are just scared to get away from it.

Where are we going? What is happening to us? We do not know. In fact, a person who has not reached at least the first ten Sefirot of his soul’s development simply dies, i.e., his animal body dies, and he reappears again in an animal shell. He does not feel himself in other dimensions.

To enter the spiritual world, one must enter it while living in this world, and then the animal body living or dying in no way affects your spiritual state. Therefore, it is said: “See your world in this life.”
From KabTV’s “Close up. Beyond the last line” 5/3/10

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