The Path That Turns An Egoist Into An Altruist

608.02Today there are many different methods. But why doesn’t any of them evoke such internal resistance as Kabbalah does? Because it is the truth and it must be revealed.

Kabbalah acts against the ego. It says that our problem is egoism that needs to be corrected by rising above it. We must not just love each other, not just treat each other well, not change something in nature or in ourselves or somewhere else; it is also necessary to recognize the highest level of nature, which is called the Creator and to reveal Him for oneself, to take Him as a role model, and shape yourself into His likeness.

It means making something completely opposite out of yourself and leaving your interests to start doing everything for the sake of others, to turn yourself into their servant, as it were, when you begin to love everyone and to treat them with absolute care.

Their desires become your desires; their worries become yours, and for you this is the only thing that exists in life. For what purpose? In order to rise to the level of the Creator.

Here we see a lot of hurdles in front of us. The very first hurdle is to reveal the Creator. If I do that, it will be easy for me. Then I will gladly give myself to others because my reward will be eternity, wholeness, and absolute happiness.

Question: But, will I continue to act out of egoistic motives?

Answer: No. Along the way your likeness to the Creator will change you because He gives without any egoistic actions. You will start out as an egoist, but gradually, while working to bestow on others in order to reach the Creator, you will suddenly discover the quality of completeness within bestowal itself and discover that bestowal and love in themselves bring you such fulfillment that it is worth it to engage in them.
From KabTV’s “Close-up. Partnership Agreement” 4/7/10

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