Revealing The Spiritual System

219.01Question: When you talk about the spiritual system, you always radiate confidence that everything comes from one source. Are you 100% sure of what you are saying?

Answer: Why should you believe me? So what if I say,”Of course, I know; of course, I see; of course, I feel; of course, it is in me; of course, I am in Him.” What is the point of saying that? It is still empty words for you.

I am passing on the knowledge of this system to you gradually to the extent that you can adapt it inside you and begin to implement it in some way. Some of you are implementing it and some of you are not yet. But as long as you are able to absorb it into yourself and at least partially comprehend, understand, and realize it, we are moving forward. Of course, I would like to go faster.

But what can you do!

Comment: When you explain, you kind of give us hope.

My Response: I do not give you any hope. I convey what I feel. And if you do not implement it, then you will not have any hope. You can feel it only to the extent that you have the appropriate tools.

Comment: You clearly convey to us those feelings that you yourself perceive; although, when we talk to each other, we speak more in your words.

My Response: Naturally, it is similar to when children hear something from adults, they repeat their words after them.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. First Aid in Descents” 2/16/14

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