A Day To Get Rid Of Bad Memories

549.02Question: Before the New Year, New Yorkers would get rid of bad memories from the past year. They would write them down on paper and throw them in fire. A special place was dedicated for this in the city center in Times Square.

The Day of Getting Rid of Bad Memories was held for the 15th time. Previously, sheets of paper with records were destroyed with a paper shredder, but now they are being burned. People say farewell to memories of the pandemic, about what happened there, about the change of power, about everything.

Tell me. Is it necessary to get rid of all the bad? Do you need to be cleansed like this?

Answer: No. Under no circumstances should you purify yourself just like that, because by doing so, you leave room for new, similar actions and sensations. We must realize why we had them, how we can really get rid of them, and how to make sure that nothing else comes in their place.

That is, work must be done on the flaws.

Question: Isn’t this dredging up the past? You know, people say: “Why stir things up? You need to turn a new page and that’s it—forget about it.”

Answer: No. Never flip the page. You will turn it over, but it still remains. It must be continuously corrected so that you can go through it again and fix it. From the place you have now reached, go through all the old states and correct them.

Comment: But this happens if a person feels that he has made mistakes. And he usually thinks: “These troubles have fallen on us and we need them to go away.”

My Response: This is like some ancient sorcery, like some kind of cult this throwing everything into the fire.

Question: Do you think that it will not burn, that it will be worse?

Answer: You will not get rid of it that way. There is no fix. On the contrary, I want to get rid of it all, not fix anything, not keep  what is corrected, but simply throw it away.

Question: And in this case, if I live like this—it is so easy to throw it away—then what can I expect the year after?

Answer: Nothing better than the year before. We see it now.

Question: And if I do this work on mistakes, if I try to correct myself?

Answer: Then it is a completely different matter. When you change, the world changes because the world around you is practically a copy of what is happening inside of you.

Question: That is, we need another spot in Times Square?

Answer: Yes. So that people will stand and feel how they can change, how to feel the outside world as better—through themselves.

Question: If people were standing and were given the feeling that now they should connect with each other and change themselves, would we welcome the new year in a better state?

Answer: Of course. They would look at it with reasonable eyes and not such that some terrible things are happening in the world and we just get caught in them.

Question: So you always point out that a person should not look outside, but inside himself?

Answer: Only inside. The outside world is a reflection of us, our inner self.

Question: So, we must turn our eyes inward?

Answer: Inside.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 1/3/22

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