Admitting Your Mistakes

laitman_600.04Question on Facebook: Why aren’t people aware of their mistakes and why don’t they apologize for treating others badly? Does this happen consciously?

Answer: How can I be aware of my error if it means that I am an unreasonable, underdeveloped person?

Question: Aren’t there people who admit their mistakes?

Answer: There are, but they do it in a way that lets them receive greater benefit: “Look at how special, good, and objective I am—I admit my mistakes.” By that, they profit even more.

Otherwise, as egoists, we cannot really admit our mistakes since that humiliates us. We are only capable of admitting them in a way that raises us higher. I stand up in front of my peers and say: “You know, I am ready to admit my mistakes.” And they all applaud.

Question: Will man or humanity ever reach this state?

Answer: Only if a person starts admitting his mistakes, realizing that through it he will receive a higher reward. He cannot do it otherwise.

Egoism remains; it cannot disappear anywhere. We only replace one reward with another. That is, it is worthwhile for me to admit my mistakes; it is worthwhile to crush my ego; it is worth working with it differently in order to rise to the next degree. For that I need to develop the greatness of the altruistic goal, the greatness of love for others. Then I will be able to admit my mistake. One must be higher than the other.

Then I will need egoism only in order to reject it, to rise above it, because by doing so I earn more. That is how everything is arranged.
From Kab TV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 10/2/17

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