Why Is The Future Always Described In Black Colors?

294.4Question: It is said: do not tell fortunes and do not perform witchcraft. Why is it impossible for a person to know his future? Can’t it somehow improve his life?

Answer: This cannot help him in any way, he does not need to know this or even strive for it. Absolutely not!

Question: And if we are not talking about a personal future, but the future of all mankind? After all, Kabbalists write about this?

Answer: The future of humanity is described in several rather ugly scenes, and we should try to avoid them, to strive for a good future.

Question: Why is the future always described in black colors?

Answer: Because the last corrections are very difficult. We are constantly moving toward correcting the world from small, easy corrections to larger ones.

Therefore, all future corrections are much more serious. But we will be better prepared for them. Thus, what could not be corrected in previous generations, we will be able to realize.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 12/21/21

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