Can Thought Change Reality?

420.06In the News (Daily Mail): “A paralysed man in Australia has become the first person to tweet a message via direct thought thanks to a tiny brain implant the size of a paperclip. 

“Philip O’Keefe, 62, who suffers from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) which has left him unable to move his upper limbs, tweeted: ‘No need for keystrokes or voices. I created this tweet just by thinking it.’ #helloworldbci

“He was diagnosed with ALS, a form of Motor Neurone Disease, in 2015, and successfully turned his direct thought to text using the Stentrode brain computer interface (BCI) on December 23.  …

“‘My hope is that I’m paving the way for people to tweet through thoughts,’ was his closing statement.”

My Comment: Thought is material.

Question: When you say that thought is material, what do you mean by it?

Answer: That we influence the world with it. That is, a person can learn to influence some external device—electrical, electronic, even mechanical, or some other—and put it into action at will.

Question: These are mechanical actions. Can we mentally connect or mentally convey: “I love you”?

Answer: You can. But this also requires very serious training.

Question: Do I need to do any exercises?

Answer: These are Kabbalistic exercises when a person begins to work on himself, on his desires, and thoughts until he begins to unite with others in these thoughts, desires, intentions, and goals. Then people perfectly feel each other, and they do not need any words or any external communication for this. They can be at a distance—literally like the two ends of the Earth—and feel close, and as if talking to each other.

Question: Must there be a certain purity of thought here?

Answer: Naturally. Only if everyone wants to communicate with each other only out of love.

Question: Can we pierce space with only the intention of love?

Answer: Only this!

Question: Does a mother maybe feel her child who is a thousand kilometers away? Do twins often feel each other too? There are many examples. Is it based on this?

Answer: Yes, of course.

Question: Is the future of mankind based on mental connection with each other?

Answer: I think that we will have such technology for the internal development of a person and the ability to connect him to some external devices or tools so that we will not have any problem of interaction between people and machines. And we will control them with the power of thought. It is also material like all other forces.

Question: Why is it not given to us now to understand this?

Answer: Just as we were not given electricity, x-rays, and chemistry, not anything was just given. It is revealed gradually to the extent that we can somewhat cope with it. You see today how bad relationships, weapons, threats, and all this overtake the correct inner human relationships.

Question: Here, on the contrary, there is no time for thought. Can a thought penetrate only from a position of love?

Answer: Yes.

Comment: By the time we get to this!

My Response: There are no problems on the part of nature; it would like to reveal everything to us. The problem is on our side. Nature reveals the maximum to us that we can handle so as not to destroy ourselves.

Question: So it is trying to protect itself because it knows that we will begin to think in terms of destruction and not in love?

Answer: Definitely! Certainly! What if such a weapon appear were to appear by the power of thought?! Then you and I would be sitting tomorrow on an empty globe. Birds, silence…and only us. A person is very dangerous. There is no greater evil in nature than man.

Question: But will we get there anyway? Will nature guide us?

Answer: Nature will not destroy us. It will still teach us. But learning will be long and possibly painful.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 12/30/21

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