What Does The Revelation Of The Upper Force Give Us?

610.2Question: How do I make a spiritual restriction? It is not easy. A desire arises inside me, I want to fill it, and suddenly I have to not use this desire. What is the technique?

Answer: The technique is very simple: I try to limit myself in some way. Then I find out that I cannot do it, that in fact it is just all kinds of self-excuses.

And then, while studying Kabbalah, I begin to understand how I need to use the hidden forces of nature that can help me rise above myself and move from the property of receiving to the property of bestowal.

The revelation of the forces of bestowal in oneself, the connection with others, this is the revelation of the upper force.

Question: How is this different from simple egoistic calculation? Suppose I imagine that revealing the upper force is great and then I find in myself the strength to restrict my desire.

Answer: It depends on what you pay for it.

Comment: I restrict my desires, I do not use them. I suffer, but I understand that for this I will receive the revelation of the upper force. In the primary sources it is written that this is great pleasure, security, and eternal life. I believe in this and I restrict myself.

My Response: And if I tell you that the revelation of the upper force gives you the opportunity to bestow, to love, not to think about yourself, and to act only for the sake of others, then is it worth sacrificing yourself for this?

Comment: If the upper force is revealed to me, then yes.

My Response: What does the upper force mean?! The property of bestowal will appear in you, the property of love for others as for your children. And you will think about them all the time, and work for them. This is the revelation of the upper force.

Comment: But if it makes me feel good, why not? To love is a wonderful feeling. If I love and bestow to someone, I enjoy myself, there is no problem with that.

My Response: This is right.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 11/16/21

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