Two Types Of Restriction

232.06Question: Our sources write that there are two types of restriction: the first and the second restriction. What are they?

Answer: In general, our desire is built on reception. If it is a corrected desire, it can be so that we bestow. Or there may also be a desire to receive yet not for your own sake, but for the benefit of others.

The first restriction is the prohibition to use my egoistic desire, when I simply do not receive anything. This is called the level of Bina. The second restriction is the opportunity to use your desire to receive but only for the sake of fulfilling others.

Question: Are there any other kinds of restriction?

Answer: There are different variations. But, basically, these are the main ones: either not to receive anything at all or to receive for the sake of others.

Question: Is not receiving anything also some kind of connection with the upper force?

Answer: Of course. Otherwise what are you doing it for? The most important thing is the intention.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 11/16/21

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