The Vessel Of Intention

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is the difference between bestowing and receiving desires?

Answer: The main difference is the intention. It should always be for the sake of giving. It is the intention that defines which desires are good to use.

First, we restrict our desires, then depending on the strength, magnitude, and type of the intention, we work with the desires.

The Vessel of Intention
The desire (stomach, heart) does not make a decision of whether or not it can be used; rather, it is the intention that makes this decision. Intentions encompass our joint aspiration to bestow as well as our neighbors’ desires. We calculate chances of filling other people’s will to receive. In other words, we use the desires of others to fulfill our neighbors.

The work that precedes the action is called “bonding in thoughts.” Thus, one connects with one’s neighbor in their thoughts. Practical implementation follows.

When we work with AHP’s will to receive, there has to be a bestowing intention above it. However, it is not just about elevating above the desire. We have to turn a desire upside down as if we plow the ground.

We use our will to receive, AHP, and must sense pleasure inside it. We are capable of acting only because of the delight we feel. Let’s say you come to my place and I want to treat you. However, you reject my dishes and take a symbolic treat from the table. I went the extra mile cooking meat and fish for you, but you tried only a small piece of parsley.

In other words, you try the treat I prepared for you, but it has nothing to do with what is called “using the will to receive.” This is how the bestowing desires work: You refrain from your egoistic desire; all you want is to please me. Although, you realize that I will be satisfied only if all of your intentions and desires are aimed solely to make me happy, if you ate meat and fish, you would inevitably sense pleasure for your own sake.

However, there is a technique with the help of which even when you self-indulge you still feel pleasure only because your indulgence is aimed at the host’s benefit and pleasure. As of now, we can’t understand or imagine what’s behind these words. You continue eating, thus showing to the host that you enjoy the meal without any embarrassment or restraint. At the same time, your internal intentions are aimed solely at pleasing the host.

Question: Why can we receive only in the bestowing desires?

Answer: This is because after the first restriction happened, the will to receive stopped being a vessel that receives the Light. The intention for the sake of bestowal becomes the “vessel” since it is the condition that allows us to receive.

In order to enjoy the meal, it is not enough to be hungry. Gradually, we will understand this concept. We come to realization of this fact as a result of the general crisis we are in. All of a sudden we feel that our desires to receive are empty.

The emptiness doesn’t mean that our will to receive is not filled. However, we don’t regard or sense our current state as a fulfillment. What is missing? There is no purpose in our life.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/29/14, Shamati #141 “The Holiday of Passover”

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