Dangers Of The Path Of Blind Development

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe have always believed that we develop through our own powers without understanding that it is not by our own initiative, but comes from within nature. Now this inner power is lost and a person doesn’t know what to do. This is well illustrated in the younger generation that has no need for great achievements; it is not really bustling about or interested in anything, but simply prefers to pass the time and hang out.

For the youth there is no longer that power that once drove us to build and to do great things. The youth lack interest and vigor, and all of this is the result of inner factors. The higher power doesn’t work within a person, doesn’t arouse him, but only organizes external environmental conditions.

In this way, it is as if nature says to us that it is up to us to understand what kind of a world we are living in. We must think about what direction we want to go and what areas we want to develop. How do we get the power and the intelligence to develop and how do we realize this?

Previously, it happened by itself in the mind and heart of a person, together with the supervision of the higher power that forced him to act instinctively. Because of this we saw how to develop, how to build our lives, to learn, to work, and what to pass on to our children. But today this is not done automatically, but is given to us as an act of grace. as a result, we begin to feel and to understand that previously the power of nature developed us and we ourselves knew where to turn. This desire was awakened in us by itself.

But now it is not awakened and we begin to understand that indeed new times have come and we don’t understand what they want from us because we don’t want anything. This means that within us no desires have awakened. So what is there to do?

Environmental conditions are becoming more and more difficult. Soon we will see that there is nothing to eat or drink, that it will be more and more difficult to build more or less acceptable living conditions. The environmental conditions will become worse and worse in order to obligate a person to choose a goal and a method of inner development.

The person has apparently become the master of his life and fate, but how does he know how to manage it when everything, the nations, the societies, and people are connected to each other.

This leads us to acquire a method for managing our lives. In all of the previous generations, a person was wise because a power, a desire, and different aspirations were awakened in him. Although he had confusion and doubted what kind of society and what kind of development to choose, he instinctively figured it out and knew how to construct his life.

In our time, in this new state, it is up to us to attain everything from above, thanks to our efforts. But we don’t have a concept of how to get the inner part required for our development from above: the intelligence, the emotion, and the intention. We only know that we lack this and we cannot get along without this method that we receive from above. It previously worked instinctively, from within. But now in order to receive it,  requires our preliminary work, effort, request, and prayer (MAN). So we require the wisdom of Kabbalah. But the way of natural development Beito (in its time) is long and difficult. This is called the “four hundred years of exile” until we pass through all the stages of inner development, phases 1, 2, 3 and 4, and then through blows and troubles, we discover the desired form.

But together with this, it is no coincidence that the method of Kabbalah already exists in our world, was given to people, passed on to humanity, adapted and translated into many languages. So it is possible to use it, to study it, and to realize it in an organized and well-tested form. Then we will advance by the way of Achishena (I will hasten it). In this way we don’t need to go through those sufferings that we would go through if we were to advance by the way of in its time, by the way of all the phases of development.

We acquire these discernments without suffering; it is said, “the Righteous takes his part and the part of his friend in the Garden of Eden.” All of this comes to us as a result of effort and connection. Through this we save a lot of time and suffering. This is our work.

So we must develop widespread dissemination now, first of all to the people dwelling in the land of Israel and after that to the entire world. And all of this is so that humanity will not search blindly for the way of development, for this is liable to bring great troubles, like the previous development did through endless wars.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/25/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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