When Prophecy Comes True

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Prophets predicted that if the people of Israel fulfill their mission, the nations of the world will carry them on their shoulders. Then, why did we see that the Jewish people resisted Moses who tried to follow his mission?

Answer: Prophet Yeshayahu writes that the nations of the world will carry the sons of Israel on their shoulders to Jerusalem to have them build the Temple. “The Temple” signifies the state of connectedness among the people of Israel. It means that they become a spiritual nation that works as the Light for the nations of the world.

When it happens, the nations of the world come to a realization that because of the methodology of connection that the people of Israel possess, they can unite through them and create a vessel that is called the “corrected Malchut.” This is the meaning of the phrase “arriving to Jerusalem and building the Temple.”

The vessel is Malchut of the world of Infinity that is created due to the nations of the world as a result of their desires that join the people of Israel’s desires at an inanimate level and help them in fulfilling their job. This is exactly what is meant by “carrying the sons of Israel on their shoulders.”

The nations of the world lack the points in the heart; that’s why they are called “the nations of the world.” However, they still will join us because they regard our connection as the only opportunity for redemption.

They connect with the people of Israel. However, today there is no such nation as the people of Israel. We haven’t reached the state of connectedness among us. After we spiritually unite with all of our world groups, all whose points in the heart have already awakened, this prophecy will come true. I hope we will see this trend much sooner.

Recent tremendous strengthening of anti-Semitism throughout the world demonstrates that we have to hurry up in our work. If we succeed, we’ll see that the people of Israel are really capable of uniting and correcting the vessel.

The negative rate of the development of Israel is so great that if we continue working at the same pace, we will soon attain unity among the people of Israel. The negative line is ready and increases everywhere in the world. We have to present the right line as soon as possible to oppose the negative line. In other words, we have to disseminate the methodology of unification as the means of salvation.

The people of Israel will feel the increasing pressure shortly; it will start at the borders and spread throughout the world. In contrast, we have to provide the knowledge of why  this is happening: this corresponds to the program of development. There is no other choice. We can only exist in the form of unity. The entire methodology will materialize and be implemented in practice.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/27/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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