The Way To The Revelation Of The Upper World

laitman_219_01It is not easy to reveal the wisdom of Kabbalah today after 2,000 years of exile.

People come to study the wisdom of Kabbalah because the desire to discover the meaning of life is ignited in them. They look for something, hear something, and even without knowing what the wisdom of Kabbalah is, understand by a sixth sense that it is for them, and so they find us.

They begin to attend the group meetings and to study, each in their own way. Then they begin to participate in the study, in different events, in meals, and the force of the group begins to affect them.

It isn’t the force of an ordinary group, but a spiritual force. It shines on them as if through a magnifying glass and people begin to feel internal changes taking place in them

Even when studying at a university, in different courses, or when we study different psychological or so-called spiritual methods, we feel different changes inside us, in our mind or our feelings, but these are ordinary corporeal feelings.

Here on the other hand, we begin to feel the revival of egoism. A person who is very enthusiastic advances purposefully at first but then he begins to feel a kind of dullness, darkness, and weakness. Where does that come from? Why? For what purpose? Everything is lost; nothing is interesting anymore; he feels powerless… what is going on? Additional egoism has emerged in him, but there is no power in our world that can overcome it.

In order to overcome it, we have to receive the Light, the force from above, from the next state, from an upper state, from the upper world.

If we continue to study in a certain way and pull ourselves forward, we gradually exit this state and reach the next state, and then fall again and once again find ourselves in a lowly, hopeless state. We don’t understand where it’s from and how the egoism emerges, and once again we gradually crawl out of this state.

Thus, we undergo many descents and ascents; this is how the Upper Light operates on us.

A person’s spiritual path is like a cardiogram. We move up and down from plus to minus. These movements can be very frequent or may be rare. Everything depends on the intensity of our participation in the group.

Many don’t hold on and leave. If a person leaves, everything he has gained remains in him as a minus because the egoism was revealed in him so that he could ascend above it and eventually acquire the upper world.

But if a person studies for many years, he reaches a state, which is revealed in him as a great descent. During this descent that is caused by a special upper force on his specific level, he begins to feel that the only thing that can help him is the connection to the source of this force, to the Creator. He begins to demand the Creator. This is his first contact with the upper force.

A person begins to realize that the Creator caused his descent to this terrible state from above so he can actually equalize these two levels inside him and not be in a state of an ascent or a descent but actually connect the two.

Moreover, the lower level has to be like Malchut and the upper level like Keter, and the ten Sefirot between them. Then a spiritual Partzuf is created, or a soul, thanks to the fact that a person equalizes the two poles inside him into one.


In the past, he has undergone descents or ascents, and now he seems to cause a short circuit between them on himself, by focusing on “there is none else besides Him,” both in the positive state and the negative state. Everything he is given in the negative state stems from his positive state, and it is all in order to bring him to connection, to understanding the Creator, because he now can feel and understand his own internality on himself, his absolute state, and his uniqueness in his most negative and positive feelings. If a person attains this state, it can already be called the birth of the soul.

According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, in contrast to other corporeal methods, the problem is that the time a person has to undergo this process until he reaches this state can take even ten years. Kabbalists don’t hide this fact. One shouldn’t be afraid’ it is better to advance decisively in order to make one’s self a human being on the next level of human development in the upper world.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 5/15/16

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