Turn The Evil Connection Into A Good One

507.05Comment: You said that the feeling of hell is an inner state of a person. One of the reasons for feeling unfulfilled is the inner attitude toward others to use them for one’s own sake.

My Response: Ordinary desires to receive are animalistic desires. They are neither good nor bad because they obey commands of nature.

A person has an inherent desire to exist comfortably at the minimal level, and this is normal. Even within the framework of the law, if someone stole a piece of bread somewhere just to satiate his hunger like an animal, I do not think they would be judged for it because it was necessary to maintain life.

Yet, everything we want to acquire above animalistic existence is already egoism. After all, everything that we acquire above it directly or indirectly happens at the expense of other people. Thus, we use others, look for ways to be higher, and show our hatred for them.

I begin to feel that the higher I am or the lower the other is, the more pleasant it is for me. That is, I am already thinking about ways to make it worse for someone else because it will make me feel better indirectly or even directly. Egoism is in the fact that I wish evil to the other.

We do not feel to what extent in our world we use each other every second. We need to transform our evil nature into a good one, use the same qualities, only not to harm but to benefit others, to connect with them.

Egoism is good because it connects us. I look at others to find out what I would like to learn from them so that I can influence them and subdue them. If it were not for egoism, I would exist as an animal on my own and I would not care about others.

Egoism makes us connect with each other. But in the form we use it, it is called the evil inclination. I need to turn it into a good one. That is, from what I receive from everyone, subjugate, saturate, and bind to myself, I turn this connection into one where I serve them, fulfill them, and give to them as if they were my children whom I wish only the best.

Therefore, without the evil inclination that binds us together, we cannot develop. Thus, a universal, global evil connection between us is being revealed in the world today. Along with this, Kabbalah is revealed because we have come to a state where we begin to understand that we are connected in a bad way, and we have no other choice, we must be connected by good connections.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up—Faith and The Book of Zohar

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