Should “Squid Game” Be Banned?

538Comment: The TV series “Squid Game” has gained huge popularity on Netflix. It is a South Korean series where hundreds of cash-strapped contestants compete in children’s games for a large sum of money. But only one person can be the winner in the end and the losers are instantly killed.

111 million people are binge-watching how their heroes, whom they have come to love, lose and get killed. However, viewers do not close their eyes or turn off their TVs, they continue watching. Even children have started playing this game they call “Red Light, Green Light” and the losers get beaten.

This is humanity. Are we like this? After all, if there were no demand for such a series, it wouldn’t be made.

My Response: I think we’re even worse, because even without playing the game we want to kill each other. In this series, after all, one enrolls voluntarily to play the game with the hope of winning and killing others. But in the end, he loses and gets killed.

But he has some freedom of choice here. He’s still hoping for something. In general, it shows that he wants to win and kill others. So it is a game on equal terms! If I win, I kill you; if you win, you kill me, so we are going to play. Actually, this is a game by the rules.

Not so in life. In our lives, I want to kill another without any game, knowing in advance that I will kill.

Question: But I don’t want this. Does a person want to kill another?

Answer: Actually, if we strip down all our relationships, we will see how we are killing each other.

Question: So you’re saying that if our thoughts suddenly became manifested, it would be a terrible world?

Answer: That’s for sure!

Question: Is that why we are granted such kindness not to see our own thoughts or others’?

Answer: Yes.

Comment: But when one enters this game, begins to live it, maybe it frees him from all these thoughts of his? Maybe some kind of upbringing does exist? Since the director and the scriptwriter say: “Such is our world.”

Maybe by showing these things, we are purifying ourselves? Maybe a person is undergoing such a purification? This thought may occur to him: “I am the way you showed it.” And become horrified.

My Response: I don’t think anyone will be horrified, everyone will get used to it and will begin to behave properly, starting with small children.

Question: But when does this moment of empathy emerge in us?

Answer: When I imagine myself in the place of another, then some kind of empathy is possible. But no more than that, when I assess the situation and see that I am in a better setting.

Question: If they gave you the power to decide to ban it or to allow it? What should be done now with these kinds of movies, these kinds of games?

Answer: Only to ban or only to promote will not amount to anything. Nothing. A person needs to be rebuilt.

Instead of learning from his terrible mistakes, which will leave a handful of people all over the globe! And they would start with the realization, not with new knowledge, but with the fact that they have accumulated all the pain that the whole of humanity went through during its self-extermination, when out of billions of people there will be several hundred thousand left. That’s when they’ll get smarter. They will be able to navigate correctly.

Question: To ban such things or not to ban? What do you think?

Answer: I believe that it is necessary for all these works of “art” to exist, and that a very serious education should happen in parallel to explain our nature: why such things are created and whether they portray us correctly, whether we are really like that.

Question: Is this how a certain wisdom will begin to enter one’s mind?

Answer: Yes, of course. Only from the fact that we will have the correct perception of the given situation.

Question: And if one understands why he watches such films, do you think such awareness will emerge: I’m watching this because this is my nature?

Answer: Yes. It should be spoken of at the same time. But this must be done from the standpoint of Kabbalah, our true nature, and so on.

Question: But, one way or another, we will come to the conclusion that, as you say: man’s education should run parallel to everything that humanity does?

Answer: Yes, don’t interfere or we won’t learn.

Question: Will we have to come to the conclusion that there is nothing positive about us?

Answer: Naturally! The most important thing is to realize that our nature is pure evil. And what seems good to us is actually sophisticated egoism that actually hides all our inner barbarity.

Question: And then will we ask for the strength to break free of it?

Answer: Then we will ask. And then we will start taking a serious interest in the method of correcting ourselves.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 10/21/21

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