Magic Desire

226Comment: Many philosophers and psychologists have written that we need to change ourselves.

My Response: But they wrote it from the point of view of morality. This is not at all the same. The science of Kabbalah speaks about changing the nature of a person, not just about a good attitude toward other people.

We ourselves cannot change our nature. And the philosophers had some kind of correction of the relations between people in mind: “We will beautifully limit ourselves, we will put ourselves in some kind of a framework.” This is so-called educated egoism.

And here the idea is completely different. Here we need a special force that will change us. The force that created our egoism in such a rigid form: to enjoy, receive, rule, fill ourselves, and absorb is this force that should make us the inverse, simply turn us over. Nothing else is needed.

Question: Why did nature not create us like this in the first place? Why was it necessary to invert us?

Answer: So that we become convinced that the egoistic basis of life is flawed, harmful, and evil and so we want to move from it to its imprint, to the next, reverse form.

This is what our desire will do. We have no one to ask, there is nothing around us. It is just that in nature there is such a trigger, a switch, that will do this work on us. If we truly recognize our evil and would like to move to the next level of existence, this will happen.

This law exists in nature. This is what Kabbalah and Kabbalists speak about. Kabbalah is the science that revealed this law. It is the basis of its entire method: how to make nature transform us from small egoistic beings into altruistic ones (just truly altruistic, not pseudo-altruistic like in our world). Then we will really begin to feel a completely different nature, a different us, and a different world.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Fire Island” 1/1/10

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