Desire Is Not Broken – The Screen Is

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: You say that the desires are broken, but I perceive desire as something whole. What is a “broken” desire?

Answer: The desire to receive for one’s own sake is referred to as “broken.” And the desire directed towards “bestowal” to others is referred to as “corrected” or wholesome. Desire does not break—the screen does.

Desire is always wholesome. If my desire has a screen, and when the Light comes, I am able to pass it on to the others and only keep what I need for my existence, this means that the entire upper Light passes through me to the others. It never lingers in me; it constantly circulates from the world of Infinity to everyone else without exception. Then I feel absolutely fulfilled, and the force of life always circulates in me.

Desire Is Not Broken - The Screen Is2

But if I do not have this quality, meaning I don’t possess the screen, the upper Light does not even reach me. It immediately returns back to its source, carrying out the condition of the First Restriction (Tzimtzum Aleph or TA): the Light does not enter the desire to receive without a screen. This is why I feel that I exist “within myself” and not in the Light.

“The thing within myself,” which I am, is called “this world”—that which we perceive for now. “This world” is what I perceive within me.

The upper world is what I feel outside of me, when I connect to the rest. Then I perceive the life of the entire body, and all of the Creator’s Light passes through me to all the rest.

Desire Is Not Broken - The Screen Is1

This is why the state when I have a screen, when I am connected with everyone else and pass the Light to them, is called “corrected.” And the state when I do not have a screen is called “broken.” The desire is not broken, the screen is, even though we frequently use the conventional term: “broken desires.”
From the Sunday Virtual Lesson Series 10/23/2011

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