In Kabbalah, Pleasure And Desire Are Defined Relative To The Light

relativeQuestions I received on the meaning of Kabbalistic words and the point in the heart:

Question: What is the meaning of the expression, “There are many thoughts in a person’s heart, but the Creator will save us from all of them”?

My Answer: Only the Upper Light can fill all our desires and thoughts by giving them the correct properties and forms.

Question: Does the point in the heart depend on the number of life cycles one has gone through? I just don’t understand why it is still dormant in many people.

My Answer: The point in the heart awakens when a person grows disillusioned in trying to fulfill all his earthy desires. It is for this purpose that he goes through a history of lives for many millennia!

Question: I have been studying Kabbalah for the past two years or so. There are two things that seem to confuse me and that could be because I keep on associating the meaning of “pleasure” and “desire” with our world. It would be greatly appreciated if you could expand on these two words for me or direct me to the place I can find the information.

My Answer: Pleasure is the sensation of a fulfilled desire – any desire. Desire is an aspiration to fulfill oneself with something one desires, with pleasure. However, in Kabbalah the desire is a desire for the Light, and the pleasure is pleasure from the Light.

Question: Is it possible to convey the essence of your lessons through sign language?

My Answer: Yes, if someone will understand it, for example, deaf people.

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One Comment

  1. First of all my English language is very bad and it is very hard task for me to formulate questions… so sorry If something is not clear enough…
    I’m from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo.

    If you can answer these questions I will be very grateful.

    1) Kabala as far as I can understand say that one person goes thorough life more than one time to be corrected. But it is obvious that at this moment there is more people than ever before. How is that. That is not logical. If you create 1 billion ants and they finished life some of them are corrected and they will not come in this world again… Correct. Less than 1 billion will be born again. But it is oposit. There are more and more people on Earth.

    2) Kabala teaches that you have to be grateful for everything and every event in my life. Right? I ask myself and now you how can I be grateful when first I didn’t ask Allah / God / Creator to be born. And now I am on this world full of pain and horrible illnesses, and at the and Creator will kill all of us without asking us do we suffer or not. I fell that we are here like animals closed in some bounded space waiting to be executed. I think that is not correct from Creator. If I asked Creator to be in this life and was warned what kind of life this world is than it is ok. It’s like in the MATRIX movie.

    3) If Creator is so powerful why his choice of correction i SUFFERING. I think that Creator can FEEL the PAIN I have at this very moment in my stomach. If he want ONLY good for me he will stop that PAIN immediately. In His position I would do that at once for all people in this world.
    Creator If he want can correct us in much more human way without pain and punish. Creator as you, Kabala, Islam, Judaism and Christianity claim that HE is OMNIPOTENT and so HE can choose or develop infinite number of tools for correcting us instead of using pain. In this case it seems to me that He is not correcting us but PUNISHING us. I didn’t create myself and because of that I’m not responsible for my uncorrectnes and so not deserve pain and fear of death.

    4) You are talking of Upper world but sorry I must think with my head. Even if you are 100% no 1000% sure that is true even than you are only human being. Maybe all this (and other thoughts, philosophy, religions, etc) are completely WRONG. That’s possible like discovery that Sun not going around Earth but Earth about Sun. There is ALWAYS possibility that all our knowledge is wrong….

    I have other questions also but for me it is so hard to write and express myself in English language that I have to stop now.


    I must tell you this also. When your people went from Spain long ago part of them find new home in Sarajevo. Here in Sarajevo we keep one original book from that time called Hagada.

    All the best from Sarajevo
    Emir Alijevic

    – If you can, send answers to my e-mail ( not here. Thank you.
    – Teaching Kabala is fine but I think that you will better spent time in finding really good and optimal solutions for Israel and Palestine. That will be practical not theoretical lesson for whole world about Kabala.

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