One Desire, Different Intentions

Laitman_632_3Torah, Deuteronomy 19:11 – 19:13: But if a man hates his fellow, lies in wait for him, rises up against him, and strikes him mortally, and he flees to one of these cities, the elders of his city shall send and take him from there and deliver him into the hand of the avenger of the blood that he may die. And you shall not pity him, but you shall abolish [the shedding of] the blood of the innocent from Israel, and it will be good for you.

If a person’s desires are revealed on the level of intentional egoistic actions when he wants to harm and even to murder some desire, he needs a completely different correction than when he uses the anti-spiritual desire unintentionally.

We are not talking about the desire, but about the intention with which the desire is used. If any of the intentions on the desires of a person operate this way, then this intention must be killed, i.e., eradicated from the incorrect manifestation of its activities. This is its correction.

If the anti-spiritual desire was unintentional, then it had no intention. Then a person should attach a correct intention for bestowal, love, and connection to it.

If this desire is egoistic with a coarse intention for yourself, you need to kill this desire first and only then “give birth” to a new intention. It is written in the Torah that it must be done by the judges. You have no right to kill anything and anyone, neither desire, nor intention. A desire can’t be killed at all, only an intention, and it works only through the judges.

In other words, you need to create a system of judges within you and through it judge yourself and then decide which desires with the intention for your own sake should die, meaning must be eradicated, and which desires are just neutral, without anti-altruistic intention.

Desires with the neutral intention should be corrected and desires with the egoistic intention need to first be destroyed and then a correct one added. 

This is called a revival of the dead souls. Moreover, this action can happen within a person at any degree and not necessarily in what is called the end of days.

When we concentrate on the correct attitude toward everything and understand that these are just egoistic desires that should be turned into altruistic ones by changing the intention from for my own sake to for the sake of others, then we don’t have any problems at all. We just want to know how we can change the intention, and the desires remain unchanged.

They should manifest in us according to the ability to restore the correct intention on them, and therefore these desires are hidden. However, once we receive the ability to change the intention from reception to bestowal, they are revealed gradually. The question is only how we connect to the source of the force that corrects our intentions.

Question: Does it mean that the correction of the intention still comes from the Creator? Can’t I correct it myself?

Answer: No, our goal is to raise a request to become altruists so for each desire instead of the intention for my own sake, we would have the intention for the sake of others and through them for the Creator. After all, the Creator is a collection of everything that is outside of me. Such is our work.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 9/7/16

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