The Future Of Science

laitman_265Question: Is a Kabbalist living in the year 2017 able to distinguish between scientific work and the fabrication and distortions of pseudoscience?

Answer: For a Kabbalist, there is no special relationship with the science of our world. The wisdom of Kabbalah is indeed a science, but a science about the upper world!

The upper world projects onto our world, which reflects what is happening in the spiritual world. However, there is no clear connection between the science of our world and the wisdom of Kabbalah because material life is dominated by egoistic laws and in Kabbalah completely different laws rule. 

Today the science of our world has reached its limit, an impasse, in all fields of development except for technology. Therefore, the next stage in the development of science can only be through studying the wisdom of Kabbalah. In Kabbalah, a person changes himself and in this way his science is changed, meaning the attainment of space, the world. If a person doesn’t change himself, then within those limitations he exists today, his comprehension and perception are limited.

So I suppose that materialistic science will not continue to develop. It could be that it will continue to develop to a certain extent, but only until it fills all the human boundaries. Technology will develop further and further. It is possible to assume its developing for many years ahead, but it is not clear how this will benefit humanity.

People are becoming disappointed at a rate faster than the production of new “toys” because these do not take them out of the limits of our world.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/1/16

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