Pandemic Part II: “Omicron”

294.4It happened even sooner than we expected. A new strain of coronavirus, dubbed “Omicron,” has recently appeared and threatens to spread with even greater speed.

The large number of mutations found in this virus raises concerns about the effectiveness of existing vaccines. One by one, countries have begun closing their borders and re-introducing quarantine restrictions.

This does not surprise me because from the very first day the coronavirus pandemic was announced I knew that it would not end quickly. We are fighting a battle with nature, acting against its laws.

Nature wants to see us all connected into one system where there is mutual understanding, mutual feeling of each other, and rapprochement. It expects us to support the internal force of this system, the only existing force that acts, and advance our development toward ever-increasing connection.

However, we are in a completely different state. We do not think that we need connection and unity and to use all our forces, intelligence, sensitivity, and scientific knowledge for the benefit of the common system in order to strengthen the oneness of nature.

Therefore, everything we have built turns out in a form that tears nature and society apart and increasingly intensifies the battle between all parts of society and with all of nature. Since we invade nature and tear it to pieces, we receive its reaction in the form of volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, up to the most dangerous viruses.

All these phenomena are manifested due to the lack of balance between all parts of nature that were not compensated by human efforts, but on the contrary, have been extremely exacerbated by humans. Therefore, it is not surprising that this is happening, and specifically in our days, when according to the wisdom of Kabbalah we are entering the era of what is called the last generation.

This is nature’s response to our actions that are. increasingly distancing us from the goal of universal connection into one person with one heart. After all, this is inherent in the basis of nature. No matter how naive it may sound, nature will require us to fulfill this condition since all nature is integral and global. If we develop in the opposite direction, then we face blows of nature.

This does not mean that nature punishes us, although Baal HaSulam writes that nature, like a strict judge, will punish us. But with these blows, nature is only trying to bring us back to balance. Let’s hope it will help.

Although so far I do not see the correct reaction to the blows of nature, that is, greater connection and unification of society built on mutual assistance.

Instead of acting for the sake of correcting society and aiming for the state of one person with one heart, especially now at the last stage of human development when we have to reach perfect connection, we are separating more and more. Accordingly, we receive a negative reaction by nature to our wrong actions.

Previously, nature did not react so sensitively to our misdeeds, wars, and crimes. It was a different era, an undeveloped society, and therefore we did not feel the reaction of nature. Today, however, we feel terrible negative reactions on all levels: inanimate, vegetative, animate, and between people, which endangers our existence on planet Earth.

This reaction will only get stronger and stronger. The coronavirus pandemic will not end unless it is replaced by another, even more painful problem considering we are not drawing the right conclusions.

The new strain is spreading even faster than all the previous ones. This is natural just like if a child does not listen, then first the parents try to persuade him, then punish him, then spank lightly, and if this does not help, then the father has to use a belt so that the son finally obeys. A father is obliged to educate his son so that he does not grow up to be a criminal.

This is how nature educates us. Nature is all global and integral and requires us to consciously, scientifically, and rationally also fulfill this rule of the integral connection between all of us. Nature wants us to build these systems ourselves in human society.

Inanimate nature, plants, and animals instinctively, by nature, observe this rule until people interfere with their behavior and disrupt it. Yet, as soon as a person corrects himself by uniting with all of humanity, all other forms of nature will also reach balance and the entire world will calm down. Not only us, but the entire universe will suddenly come to rest.
From KabTV’s “Conversation with Journalists” 11/28/21

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