Selfies Or Life

628.4Question: The number of people who die while making selfies has tripled since the end of lockdown. The most common cause of death is falling from a height. It represents one third of all deaths. Men are twice as likely to die when trying to take a selfie than women. Selfies are taken on cranes, on the edge of a waterfall. The reason is clear—people want to stand out, create exciting content, and it ends in disaster.

Why is this stronger than the fear of death?

Answer: They do not realize it is so dangerous. But in general, showing oneself in such a posture in front of others is a very strong, powerful egoistic filling: “Look how special I am.” To cause envy. This is all very natural for an egoist.

Question: Why don’t we learn from these examples? The number of deaths has tripled!

Answer: Egoism is growing, and it does not allow us to think about the consequences. The main point at this moment is the triumph of egoism: “Me! Look where I am!” That is the main thing. Without any rational reason, someone I will send this to will show it to someone else, at least for a moment, and nothing will happen.

Question: And is this moment worth all this?

Answer: Yes. And I pay for it with my life.

Question: What conclusions should a person draw when he hears this?

Answer: A person should conclude that he needs to look for a remedy for this disease— his increased egoism.

Question: What is the remedy?

Answer: The only serious thing I really know is to rise above egoism.

Question: I do not hear the ego anymore when I rise above it?

Answer: No, I lean on it, I interact with it. It is my assistant.

It is necessary to rise above it—this is the only correct work with egoism. Unfortunately, no one knows about it, does not think about it, and does not get the right skill, so everyone suffers.

Question: So, fighting against egoism, its destruction, its belittling is wrong?

Answer: It is wrong. There is nothing you can do about it. You can see that it is growing everywhere every day.

Question: When you say “rising above egoism,” what do you mean by that?

Answer: Own it. Do not reject, do not run away, do not kick it, but understand that this is our huge strength, and we need to work with it properly. Take it in your hands and work with it, gradually, realize the huge potential in it in order to release this egoism slowly, where it is possible, where it is necessary and needed.

Question: Which means, if I really want to crush or destroy it, it will be my enemy. And now you say it is helping me?

Answer: Certainly. It is help against you.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 10/11/21

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