The Unruly Nature Of Egoism

115.06Comment: The egoism of each individual person is built on the basis of “one, unique, the only one” because a person identifies himself with the Creator and considers himself as the center of the world.

My Response: This is our nature. Each of us perceives reality as if he is in the center of the world and the whole world revolves around him.

And a person comes into a kind of contradiction with the world. How is it that the world that revolves around him does not automatically perceive his desires and thoughts? Why does this world have some movements of its own that do not quite coincide with his thoughts and desires? And so he is angry with the world. How does this happen?

Therefore the more our egoism grows in us—and it grows every day—the more uncomfortable we feel, we do not know what to do with our life, and we feel bad. But all this is only because we want, according to our growing egoism, to control the world more and more, and it does not want to bend under us.

Question: Suppose a certain group of people has gathered, united by some common ideas. What about their group egoism?

Answer: This is even more difficult. If a group of people gathers, then they have some common goal that they want to achieve. This is why they created that group. Moreover, each of them sacrifices his personal egoism in order to be in harmony with others and achieve a common goal.

And suddenly, what was good for them today is not so good tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow is even worse. After all, everyone’s egoism grows in its own direction. They do not make corrections to it, they do not work to constantly get together and adjust their connection all the time. And it turns out that after a while they do not see at all where they are, why they are in connection with these people, and what is happening here.

That is, we do not understand the nature of our egoism, how it can be corrected, and how to connect above it in order to maintain our relationship.
From Kab TV’s “Conversations” 11/1/21

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