The Best Years Of Life

294.2Question: Some researchers consider the ages between 30 to 34 to be the best years of a person’s life. From about 45 to 55 people experience the greatest stress, which weighs heavily on them. People feel satisfied before the age of 45 and after 55. At 75 the satisfaction curve has a sharp drop. Surprisingly, almost none of the respondents called childhood the best years of their lives.

What period of life would you call the best?

Answer: I have a different measuring scale, different values, so I can’t say. It is not childhood, youth, adolescence, nor growing up. The best years were when I met my teacher, when I was completely financially independent and could work only on my spiritual growth.

Comment: This determines the best years, although it was a time of ascents and descents.

My Response: But they were spiritual, not any other kind. They were not physical or material.

Question: So when a person determines the purpose of his life, the best period of his life starts with and continues from that moment on?

Answer: Yes, and age doesn’t matter.

Question: Does it go on and on?

Answer: I believe so, yes. This period has not passed for me yet. I hope it doesn’t end before the end of my life. I’m still planning something, awaiting things, etc. In this sense I am at a certain advantage compared to most people who determine what was good and what was bad.

I believe that a person should achieve such an attitude to life, even taking into account the whole situation that exists around him, and where he is generally happy. If he holds on to some enduring values, then we can say that he is happy.

Question: And it doesn’t matter whether diseases befall him, or God knows what else happens?

Answer: Yes. He relates to the upper management, therefore it does not bruise or destroy him, he doesn’t fall. He perceives it as a necessary condition for his further inner growth.

Question: In other words this is good advice to a person: find something eternal and indelible, hold on to it, and then there will be no such thing as a good or bad period in life?

Answer: No. It’s not up to us, it depends upon the root of our soul. We have nothing to complain about. We should simply try, under any circumstances that manifest themselves, to keep a certain course of realization of our inner program.

Question: Can we say that each person has his own purpose in life? How can we determine it?

Answer: By realizing the root of your soul. Because the body and the whole environment that is around us is only there to supposedly interfere with us, but in fact it is so that we realize ourselves, our spiritual root. This is given to everyone. But only if a person wants it.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 10/7/21

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