Obeying The Creator Unquestionably

747.01Question: Who are the “spies” that Joshua sends to the /and of Israel and whom Moses also sent at his time?

Answer: Spies are not a good idea. If the Creator said that this land is yours, you should go there without asking anyone and without sending anyone ahead.

However, since it was necessary to somehow show the people where they were going, they sent scouts to bring some news from the side where the people had to move.

But if the Creator has commanded that it is necessary to conquer this land, then it is useless to send spies. You have to go and act. Therefore, the transgression for sending spies will be manifested for a long time in the people of Israel as a misconduct.

Question: Is this some kind of weakness within us?

Answer: Yes. Why do you want to check what is commanded of you? Is it in order to make sure that this is really good for you?

Comment: Still it is surprising that this was done by such leaders as Moses and Joshua Bin Nun.

My Response: Even more so.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 9/13/21

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