Both Medicine And Poison

938.05Question: What topic can immediately capture people at the first lesson on integrated education?

Answer: If people want to discuss something in accordance with the integrality of nature, then first they need to learn the rules of the workshop, compliance with the rules of behavior in the circle. After becoming somewhat similar to this nature, they will only gain from proper interaction with each other.

At the first workshop, they are usually given questions for discussion to reveal the nature of man. “What is the basic essence of a person?” “Why do I love someone and not someone else?” “Does it come from your inner qualities or because I am so bad and he is so good?” And so on.

Through discussion people themselves come to the conclusion that each of us is an egoist. This is a statement of the fact of our nature. Although physiologically we are all animals, there is an additional component in us, our egoism, which is evil in everything. So, this is already a diagnosis. But is there a cure for it? What do we get if we get cured?

Maybe, thanks to egoism, I’m rushing forward, ascending, rising, exploring, my eyes are burning, I want this dish, this partner, this vacation, etc. And without it, what is the taste in life? Which means, the ego has positive and negative sides, and they need to be balanced somehow.

At the same time, we do not destroy egoism in any way, but only use it correctly in order not to lose. Where it harms me, I will make an inversion in using it and rise to a better outcome. And where it helps me, why not? If, looking at you, I envy that you are so athletic, then I also start running in the morning. Or, looking at someone smart, I start learning. In these cases, egoism is our helper.

Our attitude is neither yogic nor anything similar to that, where everything is put on the suppression of the ego. We do not suppress or annul it, but only use it correctly. And then it turns out that there is a medicine inside egoism, like in a snake: both medicine and poison.
From KabTV’s “Through Time”

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