What To Do If Your Boss Is A Dictator

962.2From a Viewer: Igor writes:

Dear Michael Laitman, I am asking you for advice. My boss is a dictator. For five years now, I am trying really hard not to tell him to go to hell.

I love my job, but I hate him. He watches my every move. All his requests are not requests but orders, all conversations are only his preaching. There is nothing human or warm about him. I tolerate it only because I know I will not find such a job anywhere else. I do not know how to endure it. Dear Michael, what would you do if you were me?

My Response: I would try to change myself so as to love this person. Then everything will work out for him a thousand times better.

Question: Is it possible in such a state? As you see, the letter is really “burning” with “I just hate him.”

Answer: I think that on the contrary, it is in such a state that it is possible. After all, he may suddenly see that there is nothing terrible here, he just convinced himself about this, he sees this in such a way. He prepares himself in advance to hate his boss.

Question: Are you saying that if Igor makes an effort, a terrible, difficult, real effort to love his boss, then it will turn out that he is not a dictator at all?

Answer: Not a dictator at all. It all depends on Igor.

Question: How will the boss see this love? Will it look like adulation or like a game?

Answer: No. Igor does not have to show it at all. He should work within himself.

Question: Internally? Does it mean that he can repeat to himself: “I want to change, I want to love him, no matter what”?

Answer: Yes. I want to actually love him. Then everything will change. How else can we reach love for our neighbor? Do not think that later someday it may happen. Try to do it now, in this particular case. If there is a person I hate, this is the biggest opportunity to change myself.

Question: Is this your main advice?

Answer: Of course. There is nothing else. The Creator gives this to him specifically so that he can change himself and thus reach some spiritual degree.

Question: Can he also reach a comfortable state?

Answer: Of course!

Question: At work and everywhere else?

Answer: Undoubtedly! This will have the best consequences.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 10/4/21

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