Money And A Gun—I’m The Boss

547.06Comment: The Pandora Papers, the world’s largest leak of financial documents revealed secret deals and immense property holdings of hundreds of world leaders, politicians, and billionaires. It also exposes how money was laundered in offshore accounts. There has been a lot of noise about this. But I noticed that no one blushes or beats their chests; nobody repents. All this is perceived calmly. The feeling is that they will make noise, make noise and that’s it.

My Response: Of course! And there won’t be much noise. This characterizes our time. Special! The triumph of egoism!

Comment: Yes, the feeling of some kind of shame that I was caught doing something illegal has disappeared.

My Response: No! Who is worried about anything today? There is of course a chance to put a person in jail, but such people as a rule are not imprisoned. So they don’t care.

Question: And where does this lead us?

Answer: To complete lawlessness, freedom even from those laws that today allegedly exist on paper.

Question: Once a person believed in someone, and someone was a leader for him. And today what can a person grab onto?

Answer: No way! If you have money in one pocket and a gun in the other, then you are the boss. As long as egoism reigns in the world, you will not be able to find a pure example of selflessness, devotion, bestowal, and so on. All this will be based on egoism. And so it was originally illegal.

Question: But how then to conduct education if there are no examples, no figures? What should a person hold on to?

Answer: In our time a person should try to hold on to a quiet place in order to provide for himself and his family, and as much as possible try to reach some kind of high spiritual sources, roots, that do not depend on the rulers of the world. This is what remains for a person. I am glad that it is so. And this is gradually becoming more evident.

Question: Do you think that what is happening is forcing us to rise above egoism? To understand that everything has been bought on this plane?

Answer: Yes, this plane has completely compromised itself, and there is nothing to look for in it. And this is actually good. We are shown the direct path to a truly free society.

It will arise. The whole question is how much we will suffer to create something new. This is the problem.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 10/7/21

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