Is There A Connection Between Miracles And Prophecy?

276.01Question: Is there any connection between miracles and prophecy?

Answer: A prophet is a person who is in properties above the egoistic properties of our world and he sees the next stages of the development of the world.

Question: Let’s say a person predicts some events. For example, two years ago you said that the coronavirus will stay with us for a long time. Today we see that this is indeed the case. Is this a prophecy?

Answer: No. These are just certain feelings of the laws of nature.

Question: Is it not a miracle when you feel what other people do not?

Answer: This happens in the same way like with an adult and a child. An adult feels more, understands more, and can warn a child about things. For the child, it would be like a miracle but nothing more. We all exist within the framework of nature, and only different levels of its comprehension dictate all the prophecies, knowledge, and wisdom.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 11/30/21

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